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Cannabis Eighth Packaging

A convenient and standardized packaging option for individual cannabis servings.

Streamlining Cannabis Production with Eighth Mylar Packaging

There’s no need to complicate a simple product with bulky and ineffective packaging. Instead, package your smaller cannabis quantities in a mylar bag that will preserve the potency and portability. Introducing eighth mylar pouches from Brand My Bags. This small and compact packaging solution, also known as a 3.5 gram bag, is perfect for holding single servings of cannabis flower and smaller edibles such as gummies.

Say goodbye to excess packaging and captivate your audience with a rebrand that suits your specific needs. With customizable mylar eighth bags, you can provide your clientele with a convenient and discreet way to purchase cannabis products. Our eighth bags are designed to meet the diverse needs of the cannabis industry while upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance. Request a quote today to learn more about eighth mylar packaging from Brand My Bags.

Comply With Your State Regulations

When it comes to cannabis packaging, each state has its own rules and regulations you must comply with. This includes properly labeling each mylar bag with the dosage, warning notices, and more. At Brand My Bags, we can help you develop a design that promotes your cannabis brand and complies with state and federal regulations.

Protecting Potency: How Eighth Mylar Packaging Preserves Cannabis Quality

The cannabis market is competitive, and in order to stand out from the competition, you need reliable packaging that preserves your product. Made from a polyester film, mylar packaging safeguards against moisture, oxygen, and external contaminants, keeping your cannabis fresh for 100+ days of shelf life.

As if that weren’t enough, you can improve your brand’s reputation by completely customizing your eighth mylar packaging. These are available in a variety of finishes, including matte, gloss, and more, as well as child-resistant features. The versatility of eighth mylar bags for flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, oils, and more, is truly endless, and the professionals at Brand My Bags are here to elevate your brand. Place an order with us today and stand out on the shelves.

Common Eighth Mylar Bag Questions

Eighth mylar packaging differs from other sizes primarily in its capacity and intended use. Eighth mylar bags are designed to hold an individual serving size of cannabis flower, while other mylar sizes, such as quarter, half, or full ounce, are preferred for bulk cannabis orders.

While we offer standard zippers, bottom fills, and no zipper options, there are specific regulations you must follow when it comes to packaging cannabis products. Because cannabis products such as flower and edibles contain THC or CBD, it’s crucial to have a secure and child-proof closure on your eighth mylar packaging. Thankfully, Brand My Bags offers child-safe closures to protect young children and underage individuals from accessing the potentially harmful contents.

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Let your brand speak for itself with custom mylar packaging.

Let your brand speak for itself with custom mylar packaging.

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