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Discover trending news and insights into the world of mylar packaging.

Mylar Bag Insights - The Power of Personalized Packaging

Gain further insight into how customized mylar packaging and digital printing can elevate your brand.

An image of mylar bags, one has a window on the front through which coffee beans can be seen.

Creating Memorable Experiences with Custom Coffee Bags

Morning rituals are a sacred part of our day, setting the tone for the hours…

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An image of two mylar bags side by side, one opaque, one silver, one white.

Mylar Bags & Humidity Control: Shielding Contents From Damage

When it comes to protecting your products from humidity, finding the right packaging solution is…

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An illustrated picture of a mylar bag with the words “packaging”, “bag”, and “design” on it.

10 Creative Ways to Use Branded Bags for Marketing

The marketing landscape has never been more competitive than now, particularly in the space of…

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Cannabis Culture on Display: Custom Bags for Dispensaries & Brands

The world of cannabis culture certainly isn’t new. Still, it has recently been allowed to…

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Tech Trends: How Custom Mylar Bags Align with Electronics

Everybody knows that technology constantly evolves, and new devices are often introduced. But more and…

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The Psychology of Bag Branding: How Colors & Designs Influence Perception

Most consumers don’t think too closely about the details of printed mylar bags—or at least,…

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Pet-Friendly Design: Creating Branded Bags that Appeal to Animal Lovers

Do custom mylar bags for pet food have to be pet-friendly? Yes! Pets throughout the…

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How to Choose the Perfect Branded Bag For Your Business

Product packaging is more than just a container. It is also a critical tool for…

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a table with holiday season mylar bags all over it

‘Tis the Season: Custom Mylar Bags for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and before you know it, you’ll be planning…

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Custom Shipping Bags: Enhancing Brand Identity and Ensuring Safe Deliveries

Custom shipping bags have emerged as an effective way for businesses to reinforce their brand…

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Let your brand speak for itself with custom mylar packaging.

Let your brand speak for itself with custom mylar packaging.

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