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Pet-Friendly Design: Creating Branded Bags that Appeal to Animal Lovers

Do custom mylar bags for pet food have to be pet-friendly? Yes! Pets throughout the country deserve only the best, and that means making practical packaging decisions that serve both pet owners and their furry friends.

But more than that, packaging needs to appeal to animal lovers, too. After all, the owners buy the pet food, so they are the target for the products and their packaging.

So, what should you consider in your branding design if you are a pet food merchant? Let’s explore.

Designing Pet-Friendly Flexible Packaging for Animal Lovers

The pet food market was worth more than $95 billion in 2022. This makes sense, as everywhere you look, people are walking around with their pets on leashes or in bags, posting about them on social media, or generally enjoying their company. 

If you’ve entered the pet food industry, you’ve chosen a wise path. Of course, you’ll have plenty of competition out there on the shelves. That’s why companies in the business of making and selling pet food should consider the following elements when designing custom mylar bags.

Pet-Friendly Packaging

Pets have a strong sense of smell, and they know good and well what’s inside their food packaging. So, to create branded bags to package pet food, it’s best to use material that is pet-friendly—especially if the pet in question decides to snatch it up and munch on it. 

The packaging must be strong enough not to disintegrate and should be made of non-toxic materials to be safe in case of misbehaving pets. The best mylar packages even have odor control to ward off those strong noses and keep pets from chowing down in the first place!


Pet owners need to know about the content of the package, which is why a detailed label on the bag is important. 

Aside from the brand name and design, the label should have the following vital information:

  • Product name
  • Quantity or weight
  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional content and calorie count
  • Directions (appropriate amount to feed your pet and the frequency)
  • Manufacturer’s name and address

Pet owners are also inclined to look for seals from the Food and Drug Administration and Association of Animal Feed Control Officials. 


Make your printed mylar bags for food packaging stand out to animal lovers. Memorable packaging should be both eye-grabbing and reflect your branding principles. 

Putting an image of a dog or cat on the flexible packaging seems a given. After all, animal lovers are drawn to photos of pets. Make sure you also have a picture of the food inside unless the packaging has a transparent element that allows buyers to peek at the content. 

When it comes to incorporating your design and logo, trust a custom mylar bag company that can ensure your vision is perfectly executed every time. You’d be amazed at the difference that high-quality digital printing can make to the final product!

Types of Printed Mylar Bags for Pet Food and Treats

Mylar bags are great for food packaging because they are less permeable to gas and will protect food items from moisture and oxygen. They can keep food for years, extending shelf life and protecting against contamination. 

What type of custom mylar bags can you use to sell your pet food and treats?

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up mylar pouches are practical if you want to display the products on shelves. These bags are also easier for pet owners to store at home because you can easily see the label. 

Lay-Flat Pouchess

As the name suggests, lay-flat mylar packaging doesn’t stand. It is intended to maximize storage space when you stack one pouch on top of another. It is ideal for thin food items. 

Custom Film

While not as common a choice for pet food packaging, certain boutique products can enhance their branding with custom film packaging. Custom film is more commonly seen for crackers, cookies, wafers, and chocolates, but you can also stand out in the pet food aisle with this type of packaging.

At Brand My Bags, you can choose any of these pouches in different finish options:

  • Soft touch
  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Spot UV

Custom Mylar Bags Provide Branding Opportunities and Pet Food Security

Using high-quality mylar bags that can be customized for branding is great for your business—especially in the highly competitive market of pet food. 

Get custom mylar bags from Brand My Bags that are as small as 2×2 inches to as big as 20×20 inches. Our packages are biodegradable, recyclable, and sturdy, too, which is vital in e-commerce. That means that all of our mylar pouches can withstand the strain of shipping. 

Brand My Bags will also help you with stringent packaging compliance in Michigan and nationwide. As a full-service packaging company, we provide customers with a unique branding experience. 

Find the Perfect Mylar Bag for Pet Food in the U.S.

Get non-toxic, safe, and strong custom mylar bags from Brand My Bags, based in Michigan. We ship nationally and fast—our advanced technology allows us to deliver products in as little as 15 business days. Request a quote here or call 248-600-4665.

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