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How to Choose the Perfect Branded Bag For Your Business

Product packaging is more than just a container. It is also a critical tool for branding and marketing. And what better way to showcase your brand than custom mylar bags? 

Finding a full-service packaging company that provides personalized bags for your business is a crucial part of your branding journey. After all, you need a partner who can see your vision and bring it to life with the highest quality possibilities. 

So, how do you make the best of branded packaging? Let’s explore. 

The Importance of Printed Mylar Bags for Packaging and Branding

Branding is the process of developing your company’s image or identity in a way that’s relatable and attractive to your target audience. Visibility is critical, meaning you need to use your brand name and logo as much as possible while still balancing other design elements and required information, like nutrition labels. 

Product packaging is a very important branding opportunity. It is your brand’s first touchpoint with potential customers. Imagine thousands of people browsing store aisles and coming across an attractive, informative package. They may be more inclined to make a purchase and remember your brand in the future.

This is why companies must carefully and thoughtfully design and showcase their name and logo on their packaging. 

Things To Consider in Branded Flexible Packaging

It’s not enough to simply slap your brand name and logo on a bag. You also need to consider what type of packaging is best. The right balance will involve making sure that your packaging suits the precise needs of your product and truly speaks to your customers from the store shelf.

What are the elements to consider for your flexible packaging?


The purpose of the packaging is to ensure that the product is secure and intact during shipping and upon selling. The packaging must be of high quality and survive the transfer from the manufacturing plant to the store and eventually to home storage. The consequences of lousy packaging will damage your brand’s credibility in the long run. 


Your printed mylar bags should be able to preserve your product for as long as you need to. If you’re selling a food item that will expire in a couple of years, the packaging must remain sealed for that long and even more. If the packaging cannot keep the food fresh, then it’s not good for branding. 

Mylar bags are specially made for long-term food storage.


First, the label must reflect the branding elements that align with the company’s values. Second, it must be attractive enough to grab the target market’s attention. Third, the label must contain all the vital information about the brand and product. 

Here are critical details to include:

  • Brand name and logo
  • Company address
  • Manufacturing date and expiry
  • Product information
  • Directions

Safety Standards

Child-safe, non-toxic, and pet-friendly packaging is another critical need. Such features would make your packaging an asset for your brand, as consumers these days are very health- and safety-conscious. 

Types of Custom Mylar Bags You Can Use

Choosing the right printed mylar bags matters because you want to maximize branding while also ensuring the packaging serves its purpose. 

What are the types of flexible packaging you can use?

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches can hold many different food products, such as coffee beans or grinds, peanuts, candies, pet food, oats, and more. They create a lasting impression because the brand’s identity and design are showcased front and center. 

Lay-Flat Pouches

T-shirts, bed sheets, pillowcases, jerky, and other flat items can be stored in lay-flat pouches, which can be stacked or hung together. 

Custom Films

Chocolates, wafers, and cookies are better packaged in custom film packaging because they are airtight. They are great for optimizing storage space and are easy to keep in refrigerators. 

Consider Branding Elements When Deciding on Custom Mylar Bags

Mylar bags have become the choice packaging for many products and brands. They are resealable and reusable, so customers don’t have to throw them away after opening. 

Brand My Bags offers full-service packaging for a complete branding experience. You can customize your design and choose from many sizes and pouch types. Not sure what type of packaging you need? Let our experts help walk you through your options and find the choice that will truly sing to your customers.

Get Started Creating Your Very Own Printed Mylar Bags

Think branding when you commission custom mylar bags from Brand My Bags. Based in Oak Park, Michigan, our team is proud to help businesses throughout the U.S. make an impact and own the shelves. Our team has the equipment, versatility, and expertise your company needs to bring your product to your customers in memorable and meaningful ways. Request a quote here or call 248-671-6459.

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