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Top 4 Benefits of Packaging Herbs in Custom Mylar Bags

Mylar bags have become an indispensable tool in herb cultivation, revolutionizing how we nurture and harvest our favorite botanicals. As herb enthusiasts and growers seek to perfect their cultivation techniques, using mylar bags has become a game-changing solution.

Brand My Bags offers reflective, light-protective mylar bags that benefit small herb growers and large corporations. These versatile enclosures elevate the art of cultivating herbs for culinary delight, medicinal purposes, or simple horticulture enjoyment. 

The Benefits of Packaging Herbs in Mylar Bags

Preservation of Aromas

Mylar bags are made from a polyester film called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This unique film allows the mylar to create a protective shield, safeguarding herbs from moisture, oxygen, and external contaminants. The whole purpose of herbs is to enhance the flavor of your meals, whether it be with sage, oregano, mint, parsley, or rosemary. Each of these herbs has a distinct aroma that translates into tasting notes, enhancing the overall deliciousness. Packaging these herbs in a mylar bag allows you to preserve the aroma and freshness of the product without compromising quality. 

Moisture Control

Herbs are incredibly sensitive to moisture and humidity, as they can wilt and become ineffective in elevating our food. Mylar bags have a low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), which means they’re highly resistant to water vapor. This barrier prevents external moisture from penetrating the bag and moisture from the contents from escaping, effectively maintaining a controlled environment—preventing mold and mildew from growing. 

Additionally, mylar bags are heat-sealed after filling. This hermetic seal creates an airtight and watertight closure, preventing moisture from entering or leaving the bag. At Brand My Bags, we offer moisture-controlled closures and films to add an additional layer of protection and preserve the texture and taste of your herbal products.

Versatile Storage Solutions

At Brand My Bags, we can accommodate different quantities of herbs, from small amounts for personal use to larger quantities for commercial purposes. Our team provides clients with various sizing options and design finishes to create a truly unique packaging solution that helps you stand out.

Stand-Up Mylar Bags

Easily package large quantities of herbs with our stand-up mylar bags. Stand-up mylar bags can house various products that stand tall on the shelves and are ideal for herbs and spices that require space for large leaves and stems. You can choose transparent films to show off your herbs or customizable roll-back stickers to discuss consumption and cooking details fully. However, you choose to design your mylar packaging, the professionals at Brand My Bags can help you decide on the proper size and closures for optimal herb preservation.

Lay-Flat Mylar Bags

Designed to store smaller portions of herbs and spices, lay-flat mylar bags have a sleek, discrete appearance. These small and compact mylar bags allow businesses to store more inventory on the shelves and consumers to store more products in their homes. As if that weren’t enough, you can bolster your brand’s identity by customizing your lay-flat mylar bag. This innovative packaging solution comes in various finishes—soft touch, matte, gloss, and spot UV—and is sealed on three sides for long-lasting freshness and consumer satisfaction.

Light Protection

When exposed to light, herbs can quickly lose color and diminish potency. Just as mylar bags are created with barrier protections, they also contain a light-resistant layer to prevent the breakdown of essential oils and other compounds within the herbs and spices. The PET material has a highly reflective surface, which prevents light from penetrating the bag. Additionally, the opaque design of most mylar bags doesn’t allow external light to pass through, ensuring the contents are kept in the dark and protecting them from light exposure, degradation, and color changes. 

Conditions to Consider When Packaging Herbs & Spices

Like any kitchen, specific areas are dedicated to various food-related items—drawers for silverware, sections for snacks, and a cabinet for all the spices and herbs. While mylar’s barrier protection can help regulate various factors that impact the effectiveness of these spices, it’s important to remain informed about elements that play a role in degradation. 

  • Temperature: When storing food, especially spices and herbs, it’s important to make sure they’re kept in an area where temperatures don’t fluctuate. Temperature can drastically reduce shelf life and affect the freshness of your spices.
  • Light levels: Light can stimulate chemical reactions in food, lowering the nutritional contents and potency. Spices and herbs are designed to enhance food flavors, but if exposed to light for long periods of time, the flavors and colors can diminish.
  • Storage space: If you store spices in areas easily accessible by pests, such as in the garage or on a low, unattended shelf, you’re more likely to experience contamination. While mylar bags are designed to prevent rips and tears, there’s no stopping the determination of mice, ants, and other pests at the end of the day. Be sure to store your spices and herbs in an area dedicated to proper food storage.

Maintain Freshness With Mylar Packaging From Brand My Bags

Show off your products with our customizable mylar packaging solutions. From stand-up pouches and custom films to lay-flat pouches and child-proof options, the professionals at Brand My Bags can help you safeguard your products and maintain the freshness of your herbs. Mylar bags provide an exceptional means to harness the full potential of indoor gardening, allowing herb enthusiasts to enjoy a year-round harvest of vibrant, aromatic plants.

Our team will walk you through the entire process, assisting you in choosing a mylar bag size that suits your product needs and a design that complements your brand. Once you choose your bag and upload your design, you can leave the rest to us and receive your new packaging within 15-18 business days. 

Order Your Custom Mylar Bags Today

Brand My Bags is a Michigan-based company dedicated to providing clients with an effective, customized packaging solution. From small businesses to large corporations, herb growers can deliver fresh and delicious herbal additives to customers nationwide. Call us today at (248) 985-8777 to request a quote and get started.

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